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Article: Why Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Superior?

Why Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Superior?

You constantly see the term "Sub-Ohm" on vape packaging and product descriptions, but what exactly does it mean? Does it have an impact on quality and if so, how and to what degree? 


Sub-Ohm refers to a measure of the electrical resistance of the coil of any given vape, with the measure being less than 1 Ohms. The lower electrical resistance causes the vape liquid to heat up faster, creating thicker clouds with richer accents on flavor.


Sub-Ohm vaping gives the advantage of huge clouds of vapor. Because of this power it is made for those that want to take their experience to a whole new level. Those that enjoy flaunting their clouds and competing in vape competitions love Sub-Ohm vaping. More vapor also means more flavor. When using a sub-ohm vape, it is made to inhale direct to lung which tends to increase the overall flavor. That is because you are inhaling a lot more vapor compared to inhaling mouth to lung. If you prefer warm vapor, you’ll simply love sub-ohming.

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