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Article: Elf Bar BC3500 Vs. Elf Bar BC5000?

Elf Bar BC3500 Vs. Elf Bar BC5000?

As the Elf Bar disposable vape hit the market it has been one of the most popular choices. With its great smooth flavor and long-lasting battery, its price makes a great bargain. Day by day as we purchase Elf Bar it is astonishing how many flavors there are, and how many different types of devices.

Since Elf Bar's launch there has been quite a number of discontinued flavors. For those of us that are missing the Red Mojito and Energy flavored Elf Bar BC5000's can still enjoy them in the 3500 Puff Count. There are also many great flavors offered in the Elf Bar BC3500 not offered in the other. Such flavors include Cotton Candy and Cola among other popular flavors.

You may automatically assume that the only difference between the Elf Bar BC3500 and the BC5000 is the number of puffs, but that is just the beginning. The Elf Bar BC 3500 is tiny and extremely lightweight, taking up hardly any pocket space. 




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